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Pt. Prabhudev Sardar (1925-2008) was a rare blend of logic and artistic fervour. This lawyer and Hindustani classical singer has filled concert halls and radio airwaves with unforgettable renditions.


Born and brought up in Solapur, a bustling textile epicentre, Pt. Prabhudev Sardar skillfully wove his passion for music and his legal profession into a fulfilling and wholesome life.

Trained in all three Gharanas*-Kirana, Agra and Jaipur, Pt. Prabhudev was a versatile singer who adopted from various terrains to create his own musical identity.

Check out his discography and listen to him sing a wide range of  ragas from different Gharanas with ease.

"Pour your dil into music"


He spent a part of his early childhood his aunt in Mangrul , a small village in the district of Osmanabad, Maharashtra.

During his school days, he was often asked to sing at annual day gatherings. 

In college, he composed a piece in Raga Madhuvanti for the orchestra.


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